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Is that how you want your spouse to see you?

I think a lot of spouses have a bad habit of talking bad about themselves.  Women in particular are generally very well know for criticizing their appearance.  Most men don’t do this as much.  Men, if they verbalize this, tend to downplay their

When marriage is like a roller coaster

Sometimes marriage is like a rollercoaster.  This is especially the case during people when you are growing.  When dealing with big changes, like children, or trying to learn communication, dealing with porn or adultery, or when the marriage is unbalanced by only one

Confidence is sexy

I caused a bit of a stir yesterday with my post Romance is the death of sexual attraction.  This is sort of a part two, but not the part two I think a lot of people were expecting.  In short, if you don’t

Romance is the death of sexual attraction

I was writing another post, and suddenly this thought struck me, so I put it on hold and decided to tackle it.  I think romance may be the death of sexual attraction.  My generation, as well as one or two ahead and behind

Is sex work?

Is sex work for you?  What about your spouse?  Do you know?  Now, for me, the answer is a hands down “No”.  I mean, I work hard during sex, and my muscles get tired, I get sweaty and I’m very focused … but

Does your spouse have permission to arouse you?

I get a lot of emails from husbands and wives who get rejected for sex frequently. They often want to know how to initiate better, how to arouse their spouse, how to turn them on and get them interested in sex. However, in

Is sex your drug of choice?

I’ve had a bit of a rough month, personally.  Nothing really changed, I just got really tired of the long commute, lack of sleep, high stress and lower pay of my new job, loss of autonomy, and on and on.  It sort of

What do you need from me

I’m a solution provider.  It’s just how I’m built.  The majority of my job is finding solutions to business problems.  Usually it’s a technological solution, but not always.  Some days I do more management consulting than IT consulting.  But, it’s not just my job.  I’m

Do men like nipple play?

Well, it’s the end of another week, and so there’s just enough time for one more question.  I received this one yesterday from our anonymous Have A Question page: My question is about nipple play. I am a 70+ male, a new reader

Being clean for sex

I’ve seen a bunch of comments lately on the topic of being clean for sex. Here’s a few I’d noticed just in the last couple of days: i would like to hear about shower / bath before sex. is it common? is it

How to deal with an unrepentant spouse

I received this question about a week ago in the comments of our survey on period sex (which is still open for entries by the way): How do I get over the hurt of my husband cheating on me and constantly on chat